Saturday, May 11, 2013

Quilter Spotlight - Brinda Crishna

Brinda at the Quilting
Workshop at Chiang Mai
I'm very happy to have Brinda Crishna on Quilter Spotlight. Brinda's blog - Moments of Quiet - Embroidering my Tale was one of the early quilting blogs I had come across when I began to quilt. Brinda quilts, embroiders, paints, and crochets. She is not afraid of a challenge and pays great attention to detail. It is a pleasure for me to have her on Quilter Spotlight.

  1. Introductions first I suppose. Tell us a little about yourself Brinda and which part of India  you live in.
    I turned 60 this year and as I look back I see how full my life has been. I have 4 daughters, all independently ‘settled’ as they say in India, one in Mumbai, 2 in Bangalore and 1 in Bangkok!  I am a grandmother of 2, and they provide me with ample opportunities to sew things for them! Most importantly I have a wonderful husband, who has encouraged and supported me throughout my life, and encouraged my passion for my sewing! I live in Kolkata. Professionally I run a Charity, VAANI - Deaf Children’s Foundation that works with deaf children and families across 6 States in India.