Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sewing for and with

My niece and nephew are in town and my niece wanted to do some sewing. She'd learnt how to sew at school so can handle a sewing machine quite nicely. She started off by attaching some 3 and half inch blocks that I had already cut up and later moved to making a mini-quilt. She chose and did most of the work herself. I only had to show her how to do the binding. Here it is.
A 12 inch square mini. She did a really good job on her very first one!
My nephew wanted me to make a shirt for his teddy. I haven't really made clothes before so I was not too sure. Anyway managed something basic... I guess you can call it a vest. And a bandana. :) He was happy with both. Chose the fabric himself.


  1. Loved reading your blog and your experience. I am new to quilting, just taken my first project baby quilt. I am finding it very difficult to get fabrics in Bangalore. Thanks for your guidance.

  2. Thank you Madhavi. I'm glad its of use to you and very happy to hear you've taken up quilting. Okalipuram should help with fabric. Would love to see how the quilt turns out. :)