Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mondays can be great too

The last time I went fabric shopping I didn't have much luck. This time I prayed and channeled all the positive energy I could find into the trip. :) I so needed to get good fabric. Thankfully the guy I know at the shop was there and my spirits lifted instantly! Gosh... how we depend on people whose names we don't even know. I should ask him the next time. So I came away with lots of good stuff.
Then I went looking for muslin and found something close to it in another shop. A girl was also looking at fabric there and asked me if I was making a quilt. I don't know what gave me away... I was only asking for 10 meters of cloth that was similar to muslin. We got talking and I found that she had read my blog and was now looking to buy fabric for her very first quilt! I get really excited when I meet another quilter (even if they are just starting off) and someone who has read my blog!
Isn't this way better than spending Monday at an office?

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