Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wednesday WiP

WIP Wednesday at Freshly PiecedWiP is at Don't Call Me Betsy this week.  

I finished a quilt this week for Anagha. I've realized that the quilt tops that need to be quilted are stacking up. Mostly because I need to find good backing fabric. If you read my blog you will know the trouble I have with finding good fabric. Anyway, must press on!

I want to finish these banners which have been ready for a few weeks now. Had a bit of a sewing break in May with teaching VBS at church. I was hoping to come home and sew but after dealing with 30 college kids in my class in the summer... that wasn't going to happen.

These are for my naughty nephews. Mark only talked about dinosaurs some time ago. I hope he hasn't grown out of them already.

Working on a quilt for a baby girl. Gosh there's so much pink in my life these days! Was happy to chance upon the Hello Kitty fabric.

And I want to get this non-pink/blue baby quilt quilted this week. I'm not sure if you can actually see it too well. The fabrics are all rather pale but they're quite lovely together. 


  1. That Hello Kitty fabric is adorable!! So cute! I rarely get to work with pink fabric, with all the boys in my life. Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday :)

  2. awww - Hello Kitty fabric? Very cool. :)