Friday, March 11, 2011

Darning Foot

Singer, Commercial Street called me today and said that the darning foot had come! Can you believe it? This is after 5 months of placing an order. That's how long it takes apparently. I had gone to another Singer shop at Hudson Circle and another at Avenue Road and they both did not have it. I had given up hope that the Commercial Street store would actually call me but... I guess these things can happen. :)


  1. Your blog reminds me of when with lived in Arnhem land in the Northern Territory of Australia. We were for ever waiting for things "on the next barge" from Darwin... I found this time actually eventually had a positive influence on my creativity - it made me more creative and willing to find alternative uses for things, and see the quilting use of non quilting items.

  2. Thank you Deborah. I sometimes get a little down when I think how difficult it is to find things here...but then I remember that quilters didn't always have rotary cutters or fusible webbing and look what they achieved! Plus, I think working locally has a very positive effect on what we do and how we live.