Wednesday, March 23, 2011

W.i.P. wednesday

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
Linking up to Work in Progress Wednesday at Freshly Pieced. Been wanting to for a while now and I made sure I got a post in this week. I have one quilt that needs binding and two quilt tops that need to be quilted. I began piecing for another double quilt but realized I need to bring in another fabric to lift it a little. The colors are too dark. Don't have a picture for that one though. Anyway, here they are.

Baby quilt. Ordered by a friend.

I love the print on this one. Has a nice summery feel to it. 

This one I saw hanging on the wall on one of Jenny's tutorials
at the Missouri Star Quilt Company.  Love the pattern

Sunday, March 20, 2011

House Blocks

Came across a pattern for happy scrappy houses today on Quiltville Custom Quilting. I took down the pattern this morning and after I had finished the banners decided to try them out. I still need to do the topsy turvy triangles but the house is great fun to do. Trying to use scraps on this one so I think it will take some time to finish.

Pieces lined up
House Blocks done

Scrap Pile

Decided to use the scrap pile finally. Began to sort things out. As you can see... this is going to take a while! :)

Banners all done

Friday, March 18, 2011

Ok ok it's fixed! Phew.

I decided to open the machine up and see what was wrong with it. I found that the lever was only connected to the little knob on the top of the machine that controls the pressure foot pressure and when I turned it all was well again! Yay! :) I had loosened it yesterday when I was playing around with my darning foot. I suspect the problem may arise again and the spring may have to be changed...lets see.

Must keep going

So I've been moping about my machine not working for the past few hours... and that I had to rip out a part of the project. Feeling pretty low about all of it...sigh. But. It's time to stop and keep going. There are things I need to get done without the machine and I should get to it. Like basting a quilt for Jordan. I finished the top in Feb and have not got down to quilting it. The banners came in the way! 


I had a comment today from Shan over at ButtonMad. You must check them out. They make handmade, hand-painted buttons that are simply gorgeous! Must see. 

Machine is taking a break!

I've had a not so good day today with my sewing. :( These banners (wall-hangings as I used to call them) are really giving me some trouble. I noticed that the glue on the yellow letters was showing through and I don't know if it will go with the dry-cleaning. So, I decided to rip it out and redo. Yes, this is the third re-do but thankfully this time I'm not starting over. I read on someone else's blog the other day (can't remember who) that you should never be afraid to use your seam ripper. I guess sometimes you just have to till its right. Can't let something go out when you're not happy with it yourself. Also, think I need to add a little more detailing to the animal figures. They seem a little plain. So I have been ripping seams.
And we have had no power all afternoon.
Now that it is back, my machine seems to have taken a break. The lever that brings the presser-foot down does not work anymore. So I gotta make a trip to the Commercial Street Singer store and get it fixed. I hope they can do it quick... I can't afford the lost time!
Damn, I need another machine!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wall Hanging Blues

So I made the wall hangings that a friend ordered last week but I just didn't like the way they turned out. I hand-drew all the letters and pictures so I feel the proportions are a bit off.

I'm re-doing it now. Made stencils for the applique work and am much happier with it now. I have 4 more of these to do this month


Friday, March 11, 2011

Darning Foot

Singer, Commercial Street called me today and said that the darning foot had come! Can you believe it? This is after 5 months of placing an order. That's how long it takes apparently. I had gone to another Singer shop at Hudson Circle and another at Avenue Road and they both did not have it. I had given up hope that the Commercial Street store would actually call me but... I guess these things can happen. :)

Found Transfer Paper :)

So Lois, my good friend who introduced me to Okalipuram, and I went to Avenue Road. She's a regular there and this is probably my 2nd/3rd time ever! After much asking around we finally went to Bhaskar Art Supplies and he had transfer paper. 50 bucks a sheet so will use sparingly and only for labels for a start. But I'm guess we could do photo quilts with this no?

Asked around for rotary cutters but no luck, :( Not to worry. One day I will find them. I'm certain! 

International Quilt Study Center and Museum Explorer

I remember finding this site a year or so ago... when I was still working. I think my boss even walked in on me designing a quilt online :) I don't think I blogged about it then and have been looking for it for a while now. And here it is! Check it out. Its the coolest site!
International Quilt Study Center and Museum Explorer

I found it through another great blog: Online Quilting

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Quilting Workshop is back

3 days Workshop on: The Art of Quilt making

Date: April 2nd , 2011 to April 4th , 2011.

Time: 10-00 am - 5-00pm (Lunch break: 12-30 to 1-30)

Fees: Rs.2000.00

For students: Rs. 1500.00

Venue: #117 Vakil Garden City, Near Talagattapura Police Station, Kanakpura Road, Bangalore

Contact: Savita Uday-9448223190/08026968117


Last date to enroll : 30th March 2011

Pl Note: Participants will learn the traditional patch making stitches. Please bring old cotton cloths and (preferably bright colors). Kindly bring your lunch pack. Participants will be limited 5 to 8

From Banashankari bus stand you can catch busses no 211,212,213 and 214 to reach the venue.

BUS STOP: Vajramuni gate.

Cutting away!

I've been really enjoying my new cutting mat and been cutting like crazy too. :)

Love this print. :) 

I have a feeling these two are from the same line. Of course I had to pick them up separately and match them but don't they look like they go together?

Love this bright print. Makes me happy :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Polar Bears and Bees and things

Found some really sweet fabric this time at my regular shop. But they're both quite thick so I can't make a quilt out of them. Maybe a table mat for kids, or a tote bag. Either way, love them both.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Found a cutting mat.

I have for the longest time believed that we couldn't find rotary cutters and mats in India. I just never saw them anywhere. And I never thought that I would find them at Reliance Stationery Mart on Commercial street! Can you believe it? All the while they have been sitting with these mats. Sure its a brand I don't recognize and the markings are in cms and its not too fancy but I now have a large size mat! I was trying to buy it online and have family bring it down but that would restrict the size I buy. Now I can go ahead and buy 24"X36" for a thousand odd rupees! I'm am so thrilled! :)
They also have cutters but its out of stock. But YAAAY! :) I have a large cutting mat. YAAAAAY!!!! :)

Fabric Fabric Fabric

I've just been going crazy looking at all the fabric online... AAAAAHHHHHHH! I want I want I want.
Deep breath. Ok. Someday maybe. But for now I will have to be content and window shop.
But here are some great stores.
Fresh Squeezed Fabrics
Fat Quarter Shop
Sew Fabulous Quilt Shop
Fabric Shoppe 
Hawthorne Threads 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Turtle Logo!!!!!! :)

Nidhi Srikanth, my friend, made me this logo for Happy Turtle. I'm mighty pleased with it. :) Thank you Nidhi!

Will also be blogging over at the happy turtle blog.