Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Speakers!

So I haven't been doing much since Sunday - my mum was ill and in hospital and we only got back the day before yesterday. I was busy with cooking for her and so on so I only went up to my studio last evening. And what do I find! Brand new speakers all connected up to my ipod and a new spike-buster. :) When I was setting up the studio we were talking about how I needed better speakers than the old computer speakers I was using and how a spike buster would help me since there were only two plug points in the room.

So there they were. Bought and set up for my birthday (which I spent in hospital with my mum)! I was so overwhelmed, sitting in my own studio, listening to music, knowing that I had people who loved and supported me enough to allow me to search for my path and take risks and do what I love to do. The speakers where a gesture (by my husband), but that I can actually quit my job at 31 and quilt full time, having only begun to quilt last year, and have a space of my own, I think is just AMAZING! And that my husband will support me, emotionally and financially, and believes in me more than I do in myself, I think is such a great gift from God. For which I am very grateful. :)

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