Monday, January 24, 2011

Four Patch Kid Quilt

So I've begun cutting 3 and a half inch squares for a 60"X70" single quilt and man do I need a lot of squares! And I'm trying to do it with left over cloth that I already have. Not scraps, but leftovers. I have this one going alongside the wall art for Jordan. And I just began the back for the rail fence quilt. I think it helps to have 2/3 projects going alongside each other. Don't get bored of cutting 200 and odd squares! :)


  1. Hello Carol,I am Uma from bangalore,learning quilting techniques thro.,net and came to know your blog,happy to visit and worried that i missed the quilting workshop.My blog Address

  2. Hi Uma. So nice to meet another quilter and you're from Bangalore! When did you start quilting?

    I'm not sure which workshop you are talking about... I did post about one that was being done sometime last year... did you read that post?

    I'm really excited that you do embroidery. I hope we can learn and share from each other. :)