Monday, January 3, 2011

Coverlet quilted

I quilted the coverlet today.

Didn't do a stitch in the ditch this time but used the seam lines as guides to sew alongside. Still haven't got my darning foot. Damn Singer shop on commercial street.

This is the back. Got the fabric from Ravi's Arts and Crafts. More expensive than Okalipuram and not much to choose from either. My mum used to go to Ravi's a lot when I was a kid so I kind of like going there. Bought knitting needles there recently. Apparently he's had the box for the past 15 years! Why aren't people knitting as much any more?

 I used four layers of muslin this time but it still feels thinner than Aaria's quilt which had only two layers. I wonder why.

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