Monday, November 1, 2010

Need a quilting foot

I've been furiously cutting and sewing a quilt for Aaria - my friends 8 month old daughter who's down on vacation. I wanted to give it to her before she left. So worked on the quilt top till my back hurt, cut the backing (from a nice Peppa Pig print) and the batting (working with two layers of muslin) and was all set to quilt it (for the very first time in my life!) and realized that the sewing machine has a darning plate but no darning foot!
I had asked the showroom for a quilting foot earlier but they said they didn't have it and so I thought I would have to use the darning foot and for some reason did not think that it was not provided. So with my realizing this on the weekend and today being a state holiday I have to go hunting tomorrow.
Then I thought I'd just do a stich-in-the-ditch with the all-purpose foot which was turning out ok except that now I've run out of thread! Grrrr. Anyway, tomorrow will try and get the foot (my friend Lois says they have it but just don't know it yet :) I need to carry my manual with them and show them what I want) and more yellow thread. I can't wait for it to get done!
I must admit though that I almost gave up home with it. I thought a blue thread would look nice but it did not so I switched to yellow and now have to rip out some blue... :( so I got a little tired and dejected.
Then my friend calls in the evening and they have a change of plan. They are only leaving on the weekend so that gives me plenty of time to finish it before they leave. Yaay! He seemed pretty touched that I had started something for his daughter... so I should finish it!

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