Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sewing Machines

We stopped by a tailors in Keylong to send a parcel home. You have to get it packed at a tailors before you take it to the post office. However, DO NOT send parcels by India Post - you'll be robbed like we were. I bought some lovely fabric from the tailor, a silk that the women there use to make waistcoats out of, and it was stolen, along with all the gifts for our family. Anyway, the tailor's shop had all these old machines.


  1. Hi Carol--I see you have Margaret's Hope chest on your sidebar! I am just wondering what has brought you to India--My husband is a foreign service officer and we move all over creation although currently we are in Toronto which makes fabric buying very easy! I understand what you said about not being able to purchase fabric--we lived in Armenia and I never saw a 100% cotton fabric the whole 2 years we lived there! Ha!
    Carin Vogelzang from Margaret's Hope Chest

  2. Hello Carin :)
    This is so cool that you came by!

    I am Indian so I live here :)

    I've been reading about quilting for a few years now and this year I decided to get started. The blogs, videos and sites are mostly by quilters in the west so a lot of stuff is not available here. Also since I only just began and have no background in textile I find it difficult to know what to buy and where to buy it. It's a slow process but I love it. :)