Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My very first quilt top

Here it is!!!! Yaaay! My very first quilt top!!!! I still have to quilt it but I'm so excited.


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I used some old clothes for this actually. A friend recognized some patches:). As I was cutting up the clothes I remembered friends who were associated with each piece. I realize now that most of the fabric was gifted to me (as clothes). The pink printed fabric was a kurti from Latha who I worked with at Visthar. The dark orange-yellow border was a kurta from Airy whose husband was in my class at SAIACS. The red fabric is from a kurta that Poori, next to whom I spent three years of college, gave me.

The orange fabric with the stripes I associate with Pari my close friend from the University of Hyderabad. It was not a gift but I bought it when I was with her. We used to visit the exhibitions at Hyderabad and we absolutely loved the cotton. I remember when we bought this we also bought a black fabric with silver and red lines.

So, four fabrics and four friends. Four fabrics and four different places and times in my life. I sent a prayer up for each of them and I feel blessed to have them in my life.

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