Monday, July 26, 2010

Block Printing Workshop

I went to a block printing workshop at Julie Kagti's studio - Sutra. They had Anjali, a trained block printer, give us an introduction to block printing, to the dyes and blocks,and to the process itself. Then we each got to mess around with blocks, dyes, and paper and fabric. It was great fun and very simple but painstaking work - depending on what you wanted to achieve. Precision and repetition - that's what it takes. And if you're someone who gets bored really easy it might be challenging.


These were on butter paper. This is one small square block. After a while I get tired of doing the same thing. Also becuase we only had a few hours to do as much as possible.

Nidhi showed us how we can make stencils out of paper and print over. I cut out paper in different shapes and tried printing over.
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This was on fabric.

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