Wednesday, May 19, 2010


We buy books on quilting when we find them and when we can. My husband is a crazed book buyer so I've told him to pick a book for me when he goes on his sprees. I always feel guilty about spending money or will put the book away to pick another day and that day rarely comes. So, the husband has been commissioned and I know that I am going to have a lot of books soon. :)

Happy with the ones I have.

Written in 1949, the book is in black and white but has all the traditional patterns and is really quite lovely.

Contemporary Quilts: Design, Surface and Stitch

My husband brought this book home from the library. It's by Sandra Meech. It's a good book but more at an introductory level. I would have personally liked to have more detail even for a beginner. It seems to address topics at a very generic level and then just leave you hanging there. It's a good book to look at and make notes on topics you'd like to learn more about. More of an overview book I think.

The visuals are very inspiring. There are a lot of pictures of quilts and so they can give you some ideas for your own.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Jay McCarroll on Quilting Arts TV!

I watched Project Runway when it first aired in India and I was so taken up by Jay McCarroll. I was actually rooting for Kara Saun through the show but then she played a few underhand tricks for the final show and I must admit I liked Jay's line way better than hers.

And now, since I subscribe to Quilting Arts TV's newsletter I see that Pokey Bolton has a segment with him! It's so unexpected! The segment is a lot of fun and you can catch it here.