Monday, April 5, 2010

Block 1 - Ohio Star

So I finally got down to sewing and not just thinking about it. Got this pattern out of one my books. Its the Ohio Star. I think its not too bad for a first try but I realize how important it is to cut right! The first set of triangle blocks were terribly off so I decided to make another which was not too bad but the points didn't meet, then on the next try they did :) So progress in one block. Of course piecing it together shows up all the errors... still I'm happy I began and I know that I will get better as I go along.

This is with the casement cloth so its not going to go into a quilt. Maybe a letter holder or something like that. Also, realized how important good thread is. I need to get better thread. The ones I have get caught in the machine a lot and that can't be good for the machine or my frustration levels!

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