Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Block 2 - Fair and Square

I wanted to do more than one block today but we've been having a really bad time with the electricity. AND IT'S SO HOT!!!! That really has nothing to do with the sewing but I thought I'd say it anyway 'coz I do, at least 20 times a day! So I could only get through one and here it is.

I am happy with the diamond in the centre but again some points don't meet. I think I cut better today than I did yesterday but still a long way to go it seems.

I used a scant 1/4th inch seam... I tried working with a marking on my ruler (just good old Nataraj ruler... not the fancy ones you see on the video tutorials... I need to get some of those). So the marking was a little less than a 1/4 of an inch and I had read that a scant 1/4th inch seam also works. I think it did really but there is obviously an issue with one of the strips.

I'm enjoying teaching myself how to do this. :) It's so much less pressure (except of course the pressure I put on myself but I work on that). I like figuring stuff out and working at my own pace and teaching myself. It's a great way to learn I think.

Today's tip: 3 important things to remember while learning to quilt - precision, practice and patience.

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