Sunday, March 28, 2010

So much to learn

Every day I read a little more about quilting and I am simply amazed at what goes on in this world of fabric, needles, threads, metal, glass, embroidery, pressed flowers, photographs… and much more. It’s a different world and it is breathtaking! There are traditional quilts, and heritage quilts, and art quilts, and crazy quilts, and applique quilts, and patchwork quilts, and rag quilts. You can get university degrees in quilt making, you can research quilts and quilt making…it’s really a field like any other. I suppose my wonder comes from not being exposed to the tradition of quilt making like one might be exposed in the West. So I may sound a bit na├»ve I know…still, I can’t get over what quilters are doing with their quilts! It’s fantastic!

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