Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fabric Fabric Fabric

I have been ripping out some old clothes and cushion covers that barely got used so I can use them to practice piecing. I had bought some material earlier to do some sewing. They won’t work for quilts I think – its cotton casement in solid colours but the colours run and the cloth needs to be washed several times to lose its starchiness. So I’m going to stick to kid wall-art with that fabric. I need to find good, affordable fabric. I went to DS lane in Chikpet but did not find anything. I need to try Seppings street but I’m sure they’re going to rip me off… sigh.
There’s another place near Maleshwaram that I need to check out as well.

Anyway here's what I got on my last trip. Some of it will show up here I'm sure.

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